3D Animal Soap Making Reflection (Author: Emily Leung-Kaplan)

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It’s Friday night, the first real chill of the season greets me as I get out of the car. Any other night, I would have loved to stay home, curl up on the couch, hot chocolate in hand, a good movie and my 84-pound lapdog, haphazardly snuggling into my lap. But tonight was scented soap making class at the Little Masters’ Club.

The fragrance of lavender filled the room, kids and grown-ups sat patiently waited, while the volunteers brought out the materials. The kid’s patients quickly disappeared when one of the volunteers proclaimed it was time for the soap mold auction. How exciting, choosing a mold was just like an auction. The volunteers stood in front of the room, holding up a soap mold and ask the kids sitting in their seats whether they wanted it. If no one claimed the mold, the mold would be put aside, saved for the next round. However, if more than one kid wanted the same mold, they would have to settle it the old-fashioned way, “Rock, papers, scissors.” Losing, rock, paper, scissors, was not so bad, you were still a runner-up, getting to use that mold after the kid who won was done with it. With their molds in-hand, it was time to melt the soaps. Multiple colored block pieces of soap were placed in small glass bowls and then the bowls were warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds. The soaps melted, each kid would choose their colors and volunteers would quickly help them pour the liquid into the soap molds. With their soap molds cooling, everyone started working on new molds.

There wasn’t anyone sitting still, working on the new molds kept everyone from getting anxious waiting for their molds to cool. The busyness of the room immediately ceased when one of the volunteers proclaimed it was time for the reveal. Peeling the soap out of the molds was nerve-racking at first but very satisfying once we saw the final product. The soaps all turned out so amazing. You can see all the kids beaming with pride as their parents looked down with approval. Who would have thought that soap could make little kids happy and help bring everyone together for an incredibly fun evening?