Nature Walk – Bird Migration

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Olivia Li, 10/7/2019

On September 29th, Little Masters Club hosted an event on migratory birds at the Redmond Little Masters Office. This event was part I of a two-day session, on the bird’s migration, followed by outdoor bird watching on the following Saturday. We were lucky to have bird experts Ms. Mary and Ms. Jae from National Audubon Society. Around 20 children attended the event.

The event started with an outdoor interactive activity, organized by Ms. Jae. Participants were given a card with a bird and bird information on the card, then they would roll a die, and go to the station that the die was numbered. After that, the station would have instructions to follow and then to go to another station. This would repeat until the bird reached either a successful migration station, or a death station. The participants would report back to Ms. Jae on whether they were successful or not in their migration.

This activity helps establish the concept that birds might hit many obstacles during migration, only lucky and strong ones could survive.

After the outdoor activity, the participants were brought inside the Office for a lecture. Ms. Mary introduced varieties of birds, their living habitats, and their stories of migration. She brought some birds specimen, including the Rufous Hummingbird, Cooper’s Hawk and Arctic Snow Goose. Children were fully attracted by her narration and interacted actively with her during the presentation.

Part II was held on October 5th in Juanita Bay Park, which was a bird-watching event that led to a Nature Walk through the forest. Ms. Mary and Ms. Diane pointed out many bird species and taught us how to identify multiple bird calls.

The bird migration events are part of the Nature Walk series, founded by DouErJia GaoShuo. The goal of the activity series is that Chinese families of Washington can experience the wonderful outdoor environment of Washington State; get to know their second hometown better. Also, she wishes that the second generation could make some more friends while interacting with these activities. Many thanks to her for organizing such fabulous events!



李青语Olivia Li,2019年10月7日

9月29日,小大师俱乐部在Redmond小大师办公室举办了一次“迁徙的鸟”活动。这次活动是为期两天的第一部分,主题是鸟类的迁徙,随后在下一个星期六进行户外观鸟。我们很幸运,请到来自National Audubon Society的鸟类专家Ms. Mary和Ms. Jae。约有20名儿童参加了此次活动。

活动一开始,Ms. Jae组织大家玩一场户外游戏。每位小朋友拿到一张卡片,上面有鸟的种类和信息,然后他们将掷骰子,并前往相应的站台。之后,该站台将提供下一步操作,然后再前往另一个站台,如此重复直到鸟儿成功到达迁徙终点或者不幸遇难死亡为止。随后小朋友们向Jae女士汇报迁徙结果。

随后,大家回到办公室听讲座。Ms. Mary介绍了各种鸟类,它们的生活环境以及迁徙途中的故事。她还带来了一些鸟类标本,包括蜂鸟,cooper鹰和雪雁。在演讲过程中,孩子们完全被她的精彩内容所吸引,积极地参与互动。

活动的第二部分于10月5日在Juanita Bay Park举行,这是一场户外观鸟活动,Ms. Mary以及Ms. Diane带领小朋友和家长们开启了穿越森林的自然漫步。途中她们教大家认识了许多鸟类,并教大家识别它们独特的叫声。