Migration Lessons 1 鸟类迁徙 – Autumn Episode 1

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秋风渐起,鸿雁南飞。自然漫步的活动主题又回到了这个季节的热点—迁徙的鸟。通过春季一系列的演讲和纪录片,你依然把鸟类只当做鸟来看吗?还是最棒的长途旅行者?这个秋天我们邀请了来自Eastside Audubon 专业团队老师,为我们带来了更加精彩的鸟类迁徙课程。课程包含2次,第一次是室内workshop。第二次室外观鸟活动(10月5日孩子Drop off 活动!!)优先接受参加第一次workshop的前10名同学报名。名额有限,请速报名!
地点:2439 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052
费用:自愿捐款给Eastside Audubon!建议捐款$5/家庭,支持他们为青少年开展更多好的鸟课。

Autumn is on the corner.The topic in Nature Walk will back to seasonal hot spot-Migration.How’s your feeling about Birds after our spring presentation and Documentary?Still treated them be a bird?Or a world best traveler?This autumn we will have professional team from Eastside Audubon to hold a brilliant series lessons for us.The first time will be a indoor work Shop,the second will be bird field trip on October 5th.The first 10 students who participated first work shop will have priority to sign up bird field trip.Space are limited ,please sign up ASAP!

Who participate Workshop:4th-9th graders and parents
How many:15 families
When:15:30-17:30PM,Sunday,29th September,2019
Where:2439 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052
Fees:free donation to Eastside Audubon!Suggest $5/family to support Eastside Audubon holding more bird Education to youth!