Pencil Holder Reflection (Author: Angie)

As the leader of this month’s craft, I was very excited to finally organize a activity on my own! But little did I know how complicated the whole process is. First, I had to find a simple yet fun craft for kids. I had to watch many videos before I finally found a craft that was doable. The next step was to make the sign up sheet and post it on the Little Masters Club website. My mom and I both worked on it, and were able to finish it in no time. Another task that I had to finish were buying the materials. We had to check for price and quantity, and bought our materials based on that.


And soon, the day of the activity had come! I got their earlier to prepare the materials and get the donation box ready. When we were about done setting up, the first children started trickling in. The volunteers and I taught them how to make the craft, and as the other students arrived, things started to heat up. Soon, almost everyone’s desk area was filled with materials and paper. The students were all fast learners, and everyone was able to finish their own DIY vase. At the end, everyone went home with their very own vase, and a happy craft making experience.

From this activity I learned to always be prepared. For this craft, we had been overprepared, as we had bought more materials than needed, so next time, I would be sure to buy the materials later so we could see about how many people were going to sign up, and also see how many materials Little Masters Club already had, like extra construction paper and double sided tape. Even though we didn’t have many students, the whole activity was still kind of hectic. We had to move around a lot and help a lot of people. But overall, this activity was very rewarding. I learned much more about being a leader and how to manage all those tasks. I think everyone had fun, and I am excited to be able to lead another activity soon!

Thanks to all who participated in this activity!