2019 SESP Shanxi Reflection–Julia Zhu


By: Julia Zhu 朱珂忆

◦ SESP 2019 ◦

I cannot believe it’s been two weeks already ☹️

I learned so much from this amazing experience and made lots of great friendships 😀 I’ll miss every single bit of this camp, our late night tea spilling sessions, the amount of werewolves we played each night, having Max screaming at my kids, Liz, Jessie, and me being excited 24/7, Felicia’s obsession over Liz’s stuffed animal, Jacob banishing people in almost every round of werewolf, and SO much more. (Of course I can’t forget Jessie and QHH 😉 Even though it was super tough getting my kids to calm down (especially the naughty ones like 曹益嘉 王海君 田益朋 王宇烨 王鑫志 etc.) Kailani and I still managed to survive through the weeks by screaming at our kids and slamming wooden sticks on their tables. 🤭 (also with Max yelling) My kids taught me so much about how to be a better person, how to control my emotions, have patience, and being able to have leadership. Teaching them taught me how hard it is to be a teacher, the preparations done for each class, the activities we need to plan to keep the kids interested, and the prizes we need to get for them to participate more.

The past two weeks has been absolutely unforgettable, I’m so glad I got to take part in this year’s SESP program and I hope to see everyone again in the future 💛