2019 SESP Shanxi Reflection–Kailani Ye


Author: Kailani Ye 叶田田

• july 22 – 26 and overall •

The two weeks flew by too fast, it’s so hard to let everything go. It’s hard to imagine that in just ten days’ time, us teachers have established such a connections with each other and with our students. On the last day (Friday), each grade gave out two awards: one for an outstanding student that has never let us down, and the other for one student who might not have been the smartest or most talented, but whose hard work and determination was seen and deserved recognition. I realized, as I was thinking about each student in the class, that only part of it was about how much they improved, the other part more so for a student that the teacher just enjoyed teacher and getting to know for whatever reason, one that the teacher thought should be encouraged to always persevere. I ended up awarding the certificate to this kid whose name I remembered on the first day, the one who was always there to make me laugh, the one who complained every time I wanted to push him beyond his limits, the one who annoyed me but for some reason was also the one who was my favorite. I finally understand why all the teachers say that it’s the worst-behaving, loudest, most obnoxious students that are the most memorable. But again, that also goes for the 23 other students in my class, each in their own unique ways.

Thanks to everyone who made SESP 2019 unforgettable with all the amazing memories (werewolf every night, walking to the 小卖部, teasing about the QHH, singing late at night, making new friends, inside jokes, hearing the TSBOYS debut, and of course yelling at my students and laughing with the fellow teachers)