Mother’s Day Event Reflection (Author: Emily Leung-Kaplan)

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Every meeting at The Little Master’s Club is a gift and a fun adventure, and this meeting was a very memorable one. Mother’s Day was just around the corner and The Little Master’s Club just had the perfect idea to brighten any Mother’s Day. What could be more ingenious and traditional than making the ideal flowers that provide permanency for your mom?

Stepping into the room, the sound of scissors snipping, and the delightful aroma of rose perfume caught my immediate attention.

A volunteer immediately aided me with making the foam flowers. She came up to me with a smiling bright face and gave a variety of vibrant colors for the petals of the flowers to choose from.

I think of my mother as a hardworking person that lives her every day to be the fullest for me. So, I chose the colors red as a rose because no matter what, to me she is always beautiful and red like a rose. I also chose the color blue because she is wise, confident, intelligent, faithful, and truthful.

This activity enables young ones to take a day just to recognize how much mothers sacrifice for us. Happy Mother’s Day moms!