Hand-made Thank-You Cards

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Reported and edited by Boya Zhang 

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Are you buying your thank-you cards? Little Masters children’s thank-you cards are made by hand, let’s learn how to make them together.

On March 15th, the Little Masters Club Art Group organized kids to make 50 thank-you cards for the Chinese Language and Talent Competition volunteers, I also participated in it. It was interesting and meaningful.

That day, more than 30 children and parents participated in the production activities. Everyone, including the teachers, focused on working.

First, cut the paper so that it is half the size of A4 paper, and fold it in half. Glue a smaller piece of paper that is a different color in the middle of it. Then use the embossing machine to cut out some colorful flowers. You can glue two flowers together to make it look better and give it a 3-D look, and stick on fake pearls in the center for decoration. Glue a few of these flowers, and tie a string on the card. Finally, stamp a “Thank-You” to it. Just like that, a beautiful thank-you card is made, both creative and carrying a strong gratitude. Soon, 50 thank-you cards were completed.

Children created cards together, experiencing not only the fun of teamwork, but also the joy of kinship. We had a pleasant evening together.

Friends, when you want express your gratitude, try to make your own thank-you card!




当天,有30多个孩子及家长参加了制作活动,大家和老师认真的学。先是裁纸,把A4纸一半大小的硬质彩纸折叠,在表皮贴上小一圈的另一颜色的彩纸,选择压花机压出的小花,两朵花重叠成一朵多瓣立体小花,贴上仿珍珠的花心,用几朵这样的小花装饰封面,下端再结上彩绳,打个蝴蝶结,印上“Thank you”的印章,这样,一张漂亮的感谢卡诞生了,既有创意,又承载了浓浓的谢意。很快,50张感谢卡就大功告成了。