LMC FLL Team Robosaurus Participated in the State Championship

LMC FLL Team Robosaurus Participated in the State Championship

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Reporter: Julia Ruan; Chinese: Boya Zhang; Editor: Boya Zhang

The FLL Western Washington State Championship was held on 03/17/19 at ShoWare Center in Kent. 32 out of 500+ teams won the entrance of this final competition and were all hoping to win a chance to move on to Houston. But only one team got chosen to ascend into the state championships. Little Masters Club Team Robosaurus was running up to that goal…  which team would move on?

At the competition, there were the 32 most successful teams from Washington. They were all strong in core values, project presentation, robot design, and coding. Everyone learned a lot from the final champion team LEGO Lassies. They did not hand out candies or treats as other teams did, but they were kind to other teams, showed a well-designed poster with brilliant ideas, and handed out button pins. They put lots of effort into the finals and made it into Houston.

—— From team 34283, Robosaurus.


FLL 西华盛顿州锦标赛于 2019年3月17日在肯特的 ShoWare 中心举行,以下是来自小大师乐高机器人队Robosaurus队(编号34283)的报道。

从起初的5 0 0多支参赛队伍中,只有3 2 支胜出者取得了本次比赛的资格, 他们都希望赢得前往休斯敦总决赛的机会。但只有一支队伍会入选州冠军,小大师孩子们的Robosaurus队正跑向那个目标。最后,是哪支队伍在州赛中胜出了呢?

这次比赛中, 3 2 支来自华盛顿最成功的团队一起角逐,他们在核心价值、项目展示、机器人设计和编码方面都很强大。每个人都从最后的冠军队LEGO Lassies身上学到了很多东西。他们没有像其他赛队那样发放糖果等食品, 但他们对其他球队很友好, 展示了一张设计精美、有出色想法的海报, 并发放了纽扣别针。他们为决赛付出了大量的努力, 并进入了休斯敦。