Creative Clay Figures

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 Author: Emily Leung-Kaplan  Editor: Julia Ruan

Little Master’s Club, a non-profit origination whose goal is to connect children to their community, invoke their compassion and motivation, develop their skills through our projects, and give them an opportunity to shine, recently sponsored an event where kids could explore their creativity, shaping Model Magic’s clay into colorful clay octopus. Using different colors of Model Magic’s clay, the kids would adjust the combinations until they ended with a tone they liked. (Working through the tones helps children understand the concepts of color theory.)  With their favorite color clay ready, the kids started creating their clay octopus.


First, the kids had to distribute their clay evenly for the tentacles, main body, and mouth.  With the help of the volunteers, the next step was to use logical reasoning, they balanced the body on the table and placed each of the tentacles in a position that would make the octopus balance on its’ tentacles, rather than its main body.

After finishing the octopus build, the kids were free to create whatever they wanted, letting their imagination run free. Run free was exactly what happened, there were colorful octopuses, bunnies, bears, foxes, etc.

After the free creation session was over, the kids took a moment to appreciate everyone’s creation and the group picture.

Watching the process of how the kids created their octopus was just so delightful.  Who would have thought learning could be so much fun.