“Nature Walk” Project is Recruiting Volunteers

“Nature Walk” Project is Recruiting Volunteers

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Pacific Northwest是个“万千风情”集于一身的好地方。但太多每日走过路过的人,看不懂藏在波涛、雪峰、密林中“风情”。tail中的流体力学,Kokanee salmon家族的坎坷命运,森林中的马赛进行曲,太多好玩又神奇的故事等待着懂它的人讲给大家听。


The Pacific Northwest is a unique place. In the past 1 million years, glaciers in the region have sculpted a variety of landscapes. However, most people who live here every day cannot find the miracles hidden in the waves, snow peaks, and dense forests. The physics in the trail, the fate of the Kokanee salmon family, the symphony in the forest… There are many fun and magical stories waiting for you, the “young nature master”, to understand and tell other people.

As spring arrives once again, the Little Master Club has prepared the interesting and enriching outdoor activity called “Nature Walk”. This year-long activity will focus on families and children who are in K-6th grade and will allow the whole family to exercise outdoors and witness the awe-inspiring nature. The preparatory team is now recruiting middle to high school volunteers who are interested in leading or participating in this project.



2、全年4-6次活动中,保证至少3次以上参与活动引领或设计,和1次community nature restoration活动;

We need you:

1、To be in above 5th grade, with parents that can accompany you;

2、To attend at least 3 out of the 4-6 annual activities and attend at least 1 community nature restoration activity;






5、有Boy or Girl Scout经历,学校环境社团组织经验,有城市环境教育中心,动物或植物场馆讲解志愿者经历,优先作为活动设计团队成员。

We hope you:

1、Have knowledge and enthusiasm about the interaction of animals and plants, geography, ecology, and conservation;

2 、Can easily communicate with people of all ages and to have patience with elementary school children;

3、Have a little sense of humor, be a good influence, have strong curiosity, and have the courage to continually challenge yourself;

4、If you have talent in photography, painting, skills in small instruments, drama, you will get priority in becoming a member of the event planning team;

5、If you have Boy or Girl Scout experience, school environmental club experience, environmental learning center or animal and plants museum tour guide volunteer experience, you will get priority in becoming a member of the event planning team;





We will offer you:

1、Training opportunities with experts in ecology, environment and conservation;

2、Opportunities to visit various urban environmental facilities and educational centers;

3、A ecological/environmental documentary night.


If you are the “young nature master” we are looking for, we invite you to join the project recruitment and presentation at the Little Masters Office!

报名请点击这里申请/Please click here to to apply https://goo.gl/forms/4sHlhBuIIMAaQtdw2


Please prepare 5 minute self-introduction including your grade, school, past experiences related to environmental projects, your expertise and in area, and what you can bring to this projects.


地点/Where:2439 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052