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By Olivia Li, 3/10/2019

On March 2nd, 2019, the Little Masters Club (LMC) organized an Annual Masquerade Party for LMC project leaders and friends at the Aegis Gardens in Newcastle. This was the first time that LMC held Annual Party Celebration, and it was a huge success.

The Annual Party lasted about 3 hours, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. When most of the party-members had arrived: the party began with a brief speech by the Board Director, Mei Zhou, and then they explained the structure of the LMC organization. After, they started the Award Ceremony for the President Award. At 6 o’clock, the meals were provided by Aegis Gardens and private chef, Lisa Xu’s team. To everyone’s surprise, the servers were made up of LMC young volunteers, they were uniformly dressed in white shirt and black pants, refilling water cups and serving dishes, which provided a unique, exclusive experience of LMC annual party. During the whole party, photo booth with professional photographer was set aside to take pictures.

The guests began to enjoy the dinner while the performances started. There were 8 performances, consisted of dances, music, and taiji, all based off of Chinese culture. Some performers included the LMC Children’s Choir, which has been funded for more than two years, and has performed in the Microsoft Spring Festival Show. Many of the other performers were volunteer teachers who traveled to China for an education program, like Little Teachers Lily Xin, Elizabeth Yan, and Michael Li. Others were people who participated in the Jingdezhen Summer Camp, like Kevin Goh, Ariel Raizman, Vivian Pan, and Ellie Fu.

The party meal impressed guests with its well designed three courses, each delivered before and after a series of performances. The food was very impressive and delicious. The appetizer was a Tortellini, with pesto sauce, bean sprouts, steamed eggs, and sweet chili sauce. The main dish was made up of stir fried rice, parsley, turnip/carat flower, meatball, seaweed salad, and sesame leaf. The final course, which is the dessert, was waffle cubes, chocolate Kisses, almonds, cookie crumbs, blueberries, and blackberries — all sprinkled with brown sugar and sunflower seeds on top. As a decoration, an especially-selected edible flower was placed along with the dish.

The party ended with LMC Previous Chair lady, Qiong Chen’s speech. She thanked everyone for contributing and supporting LMC; explained the initial motivation and future plan for herself to lead LMC; and wished that LMC will bring our benevolence and positive influence to the community and society!

This is a great party for LMC big family. Leaders, volunteers and little masters gathered together, to celebrate 2019 new year and all the achievements they have accomplished during past years. We wish Littler Master Club will prosper and expand in the new year, and the future!

【小记者】Olivia Li

2019年3月2日,小大师聚乐部(LMC)在NewCastle Aegis花园组织了一年一度的面具聚会。LMC项目负责人、朋友及小大师们出席了此次聚会。虽然这是小大师的第一次年会,却取得了空前的成功,获得大家的一致赞赏。


客人们开始享用晚餐时,表演开始了。全场共有8场表演,包括舞蹈,音乐和太极拳,皆富有浓浓的中国文化韵味。表演者包括LMC儿童合唱团,该合唱团已已成立超过两年,曾在各大小舞台多次演出;许多其他表演者则是山西支教的志愿者,譬如小教师Lily Xin,Elizabeth Yan和Michael Li;还有参加景德镇夏令营的小朋友,如Kevin Goh,Ariel Raizman,Vivian Pan和Ellie Fu等等。

晚餐的设计与味道非常令人惊艳。Aegis Garden提供的主材料,私家大厨Lisa Xu以及她的团队进行设计和摆盘。开胃菜是一种意大利式肉饼,配有香蒜酱,豆芽,蒸鸡蛋和甜辣酱。主菜由心形炒饭,欧芹、肉丸,海藻沙拉和芝麻叶组成,并以萝卜拉花装饰。最后一道菜是甜点,新鲜出炉的驴打滚、华夫饼干,Hershey’s巧克力,杏仁,饼干屑,蓝莓和黑莓,配上精心挑选的食用花,可谓是色香味俱全!