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  • 想法创意
  • 产品/服务
  • 启动准备
  • 执行计划
  • 社会效益
  • 团队组成
  • 演讲表现


Justin Rogers (Director of Facebook)

David Chu (西雅图科技学校校长)

Kevin Yu (VP of Azuqua)

Minda Brusse (Startup Community Leader)

Jeanie Zheng (VP of GoDaddy, Inc)

付蔚(Director of VMware)




Intelligent Plant Care System (植物智能关爱系统,使用精确测量各指标自动化培育室内植物。团队:兄妹俩的合作)


Firefly (利用无人驾驶小飞机自带温度影像系统和灭火器飞入高楼拯救生命。团队:4位中学生)


Greenr (开发一个免费App组织青少年有机会跟朋友一起做公益活动。团队:3位高中生)



  • 最佳创意奖:Vsocks (发明一种隔热的涂料可喷涂在厚棉袜的外面,有高效防水和保暖功能,将成为滑雪爱好者的最佳配置)
  • 最佳团队奖:DipLid(自主设计一款新型的带有凹型槽的冷饮纸杯盖,可用于快餐店出售套餐时,将快餐配料放入被盖儿的小槽内,尤其便利于to-go eater蘸调料使用。团队:4位中学生)
  • 最佳演讲奖:Homely (开发一款为旧屋翻修的家庭使用的报税软件。团队:2位高中生)
  • 最佳社会影响奖:iDrive (开发约车陪练App,利用软件匹配和智能预约帮助学车新手找到匹配的陪练人以提高驾驶技术。团队:2位高中生)


The Seattle Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge was held on March 3rd at the Meydenbauer Theatre in downtown Bellevue. The venue was packed and the response was overwhelming.

This event was hosted by the Seattle Entrepreneurship Association and co-organized by the Little Masters Club. It is focused on young people and aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to innovate and create a platform for young people in North America.

This competition has attracted the interest of the many of middle and high school students in the Seattle area since its release at the beginning of the year. More than 30 teams and individuals submitted their Entrepreneurship Projects to sign up for the competition. After the initial review, 14 projects were selected for the finals. A number of high-tech entrepreneurs, company executives, investors and educators served as judges for this challenge.

Review criteria (seven aspects):

  • Ideas and ideas
  • product service
  • Start preparation
  • Implementation plan
  • Social benefits
  • Team composition
  • Speech performance


Guest judge lineup:

Justin Rogers (Director of Facebook)

David Chu (President of Seattle Science and Technology School)

Kevin Yu (VP of Azuqua)

Minda Brusse (Startup Community Leader)

Jeanie Zheng (VP of GoDaddy, Inc)

Wei Fu (Director of VMware)


The 14 selected teams competed intensely and eventually produced 7 winners. The list of winners is as follows:

First place (reward $1000):

Intelligent Plant Care System, which allows unexperienced gardeners to grow indoor plants using precise measurements of various indicators. Team: cooperation between brothers and sisters)

Second place (reward $800):

Firefly (Using an unmanned small aircraft with its own temperature imaging system and fire extinguishers to fly into the tall buildings to save lives. Team: 4 middle school students)

Third place (reward $500):

Greenr (developing a free app to organize teens have the opportunity to do charity activities with friends. Team: 3 high school students)

Other Awards ($200 for each winning project):

  • Best Creative Award: Vsocks (Invented an insulated coating that can be sprayed on the outside of thick cotton socks for efficient water protection and warmth, making it the perfect fit for skiers)
  • Best Team Award: DipLid (self-designed a new type of cold drink paper cup lid with a concave groove, which can be used in fast food restaurants to sell the package, put the dip into the small slot of the cover, especially convenient for to-go Eaters to dip. (Team: 4 middle school students)
  • Best Speech Award: Homely (developing a tax return software for home renovations. (Team: 2 high school students)
  • Best Social Impact Award: iDrive (developing a car-assisted app, using software matching and smart appointments to help new learners find matching instructors to improve driving skills. (Team: 2 high school students)


The success of this competition stems from the strength of the participating middle school students, and it is also inseparable from the support of high-quality parents, and the strong help of non-governmental organizations such as the Local Entrepreneurship Association and the Little Masters Club. These strong alliances will surely benefit for more young people and further promote the innovative development of society.