2019 Little Masters Club Beijing Education Summer Program Open Enrollment

The 2019 Little Masters Club Beijing Education Summer Program will take place in Beijing, China on July 29 – August 9, 2019. The application form is at bottom.

Our Chinese partner to host the program is Facilitator, a non-profit organization (NPO) operating in China since 2003 to provide social service to migrant workers and education support to migrant children living in the cities. Our two-week program includes the first week of observing how a non-profit organization works in Beijing. Participants will accompany the Facilitator staff attending meetings, visiting migrant children and their families, conducting research and all other daily work, so they get a real sense of NPO’s working environment in China and learn more about an up-to-date Chinese society. In the second week, based on their on-site learning in the first week and courses/activities they prepared in Seattle, participants will offer a five-day summer camp and act as little teachers for local migrant children. Participants will teach different subjects as they prepared, they can either work independently or find a teammate to collaborate. They also get the chance to learn from what local migrant
children offer. Group activities/sightseeing will be arranged for participants to mingle with local migrant children during the weekend of August 3-4. Since Chinese host is not able to offer accommodation, all participants will need to live in their own places while in Beijing, either their homes, their relatives’ or family friends’ places, or hotel nearby the program site as recommended by the Chinese host.  Participants are responsible for arranging their individual travel to Beijing, or together, however, that is to be coordinated individually by the participants and their families. Parents are strongly recommended to accompany the participants to Beijing. If not able to do so, they have to authorize a guardian to look after their kids during the program session. While the parents/guardians do not need to participate the program, they need to take care of the participants’ transportation between program site and living places when in Beijing. Parents/guardians need to bring the participants to program site and sign in every morning, and pick up the participants from program site in the afternoon when the day finishes.

Participants will cover their own personal costs such as flight tickets, visa application fee, breakfast and dinner, hotel and ground transportation while in Beijing. Participants will pay a fee of about $350 (exact amount to be confirmed later once team members selected and required teaching material costs confirmed) for the program, which includes lunch, transportation and activities especially in the first week, group activities over the weekend, teaching material, gifts etc.

Once application formed are completed and accepted, applicants selected for second round interview will be notified by email. During the interview, they are expected to offer a 10-minute mock teaching and answer a number of questions. We expect to select 10 participants for this year. Once participants are confirmed, they have mandatory training and group meeting sessions that they must attend in order to stay in the program. Exact dates will be discussed based on participants’ schedule in a WeChat group once participants are set. Training and group meetings offer opportunity for the participants to familiarize with each other, find their teaching partner if needed, set standard goals and criteria, and prepare for the subjects/activities they will offer in Beijing.

Once participants are confirmed, they have to provide their medical insurance information and make sure they are covered for medical and emergency needs while in Beijing, as well as their parents/guardian and emergency contact information in Beijing.


Please click this APPLICATION FORM to apply.