Personal Finance for High School Students

Personal Finance for High School Students

We want to bring high school students the awareness of financial planning for their future, starting with their first paycheck. This is an essential life skill because more than 70% of American citizen are living paycheck to paycheck. We want to help the students to understand the value of financial planning and investment, to achieve their life goals with the support of financial freedom.

There will be four sessions before school ends in summer. Each session will be 2 hours including instruction and discussions. Some sessions may have guest speakers from different financial fields. We may also have assigned reading as homework.

Session 1: Financial responsibilities, the concept of financial freedom, and financial pitfalls
Session 2: Investment basic concepts, options, and suitability with state of life
Session 3: Stock investment basics
Session 4: Tax management

Who can apply:
– High school students. If we have more than 12 applicants, seniors will have priority.
– All sessions will be on Friday nights. Make sure you can make the commitment before sign up.

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