Little Masters at Senior Living Home

Author:  Aimee Chooi   Editor: Qiong Chen

Over Christmas break, kids from Little Masters Club performed at an Senior Living home.

While watching and listening those kids perform their acts, my most favorable one was the girl who did gymnastics. Her flexibility and talent made it very outstanding just like some professional gymnastics.



Many kids performed music-related stuff and dance. All the kids were contributing to our society to help seniors feel special, entertained, and not alone on the special day of Christmas.

It also benefited those performers, as they got to show their talents while benefiting their community.

When I played a Chopin Etude at the event, it felt extremely good to know people were enjoying my piano playing. It also felt good to know that I was helping seniors feel loved and Entertained for Christmas.



It was fun to see many talented kids come together and show their love for their community.