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家里的小朋友,去年在学校第一次接触FLL (First Lego League) 比赛,就着迷于其中,无论lego还是机器人本来就是他的最爱,两者结合,便更是无法自拔。可是学校的队伍由于诸多原因,有很多局限性,所以今年年初我们就决定利用小大师的平台成立了自己的STEM小组,约了几个好朋友,一起做自己喜欢的事情,还顺便playdate,何乐而不为呢。

可是事情也并不顺利,队伍需要的磨合远远超过了想象,小朋友们之间各种争执,每个人认为自己的设计最好,每个人都坚持自己的观点。但是这也是FLL比赛中core value的价值体现,如何和他人合作,如何欣赏别人,如何给出有效的建议意见而不是简单的批评否定,如何妥协,如何成为lead,如何成为好的team member,每个孩子都在实践中体验着成长的蜕变。


BTW,  We call our team Aqua X.   From Ella Su

At the start, our team was very distracted from their work by assorted reasons. One of the reasons was that some people were goofing off (e.g. talking about random jokes and playing distracting sound on YouTube) and others were playing games on their electronic devices. Another reason is that at the beginning, we split up into two teams, each with two people, and we were fighting over the pieces because we had different goals and were working against each other. This exercise did not help us build teamwork between each other; instead, it was pushing us far apart. Our coaches tried hard to help us, but it didn’t really work, since even during the strict lessons on core value, we were all being lazy, and we argued an awful lot about one tiny Lego piece. We had to read the papers on core value many times, but our team still wasn’t showing core values. Up until Aqua X had started this HYDRO DYNAMICS season, our team was still not very productive. We mocked and insulted our teammates, and kept up with our arguing by calling each other names. A grave situation where one team member was nearly cast out of our team occurred because of the arguing. On the bright side, this is not our team now, so I call this time “the past.”

After “the past,” time became “the present,” where we started making progress. We completed the FLOW™ and the PUMP ADDITION™ missions first, as well as the RAIN™ and the FILTER™ missions. Then we got to work on the PIPE REMOVAL™ and the PIPE REPLACEMENT™ this essay and our presentation at the HYDRO DYNAMICS™ competition. The coaches were impressed at the sudden changes in our work. They stopped telling us what to do all the time, and we won back some of our freedom. It was a good deal, and even the coaches felt that we could keep up with the competition.

Aqua X has certainly improved, and I hope our team keeps improving as it is. Our hope for the future is that we will be able to work as a team together, not just as a couple individuals trying to accomplish their OWN goals by themselves. With this kind of arduous work, we’d be an amazing team!