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2017 Mother’s Day Project

By: Esther Fang

As I walked into the Little Masters Clubs Room, my stomach had butterflies. I felt as if someone was punching every side of my tummy because today I was going to be the leader! Of making Easter Sock Bunnies! This wasn’t my first time teaching how to make a craft. However, I felt as if I was back in the past, when I first taught kids how to make a craft.


The first step was to have the other leaders {Erica, Jessica, and Angelia} started setting up things. After all you have to be prepared right? When It was my turn to talk, things got difficult, as I mumbled the steps to how to make the craft very quickly in 3 minutes. When I turned around to look at them I could see confusion on every face. I stared back at them awkwardly, not knowing what to do next. I decided to turn to the other leaders for help.  They pointed to the display and whispered, “do the bunny with them.” I agreed so I quickly grabbed the display and a sock to make a bunny to show how to do it. Next I took a deep breath and asked everyone to pick a sock. Meanwhile the other leaders started to pass out the materials.

Soon after everyone was done making the craft. I had survived teaching the other kids how to make a craft!

The two weeks of practicing of learning, how to make the craft myself helped me today to teach the craft! After all practice and practice makes perfect! Being a leader has helped me learn some new things that could help in the future. Now I know that being a leader is not that easy. Some of the things I learned while being a leader is: how to make a sign on a chart; how to write and send emails; how to be patient; how to work with my team; and not to be a worry queen. I am glad I was able to have this chance to be a leader!