Cindy Su’s Bike-A-Thon 感想

Author: Cindy Su (12 yrs), Editor: Evan Tung(16 yrs)


Hi! My name is Cindy Su, and I am here to tell you about my experience at the 2016 bike-a-thon orgnaized by the Little Masters Club and the SeaRiders.

7:30am. “Why had I woken up so early on a Saturday morning?” I wondered on the way to Marymoor Park. As I walked on the cold hard concrete of the parking lot, I felt the cold breeze brushing on my cheek. There were no kids with bikes yet, but I knew that they would be arriving soon. I was in charge of signing kids in. There were other people helping, but I knew that this was not going to be an easy task. I rode in the bike-a-thon last year, and to this day, I can still remember how crowded and boisterous it was to sign in.

Time to get started. I looked at the lengthy list of names and sighed. I couldn't believe I had agreed to do this! I scanned the four-page list of names and took a deep breath. By now, kids were arriving. There were little toddlers, who still had training wheels on, and youny kids about my age, all coming toward the “sign in table” with their parents. At first, it was really confusing to find everyone’s name, and I had to ask people about a gazillion times what their name was because of the chattering in the crowd. Sometimes, there would be names that we couldn’t find, and it took about five minutes to get it all figured out. After everyone left, I sat on my chair and waited for them to come back. The cold wind was blowing like it was going to eat me up, and there really was nothing to do.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little boy riding on a tiny bike with training wheels. They were coming back! Everyone scrambled out of their seats and grabbed the medals that we had prepared as fast as they could, and ran to the “finish line”. I took a few medals, and ran, too. In no time, kids of all ages were riding to the finish line. As I handed out the shiny gold medals, I saw every kid’s face light up with happiness. I suddenly felt warm inside, despite the cold autumn air. Even though I didn’t see any point to come at first, now I feel like I would regret if I didn’t show up. There were countless kids that started out not even knowing how to balance on a bike, now riding as fast as the wind.

Even now, as I am sitting here and typing this up, images of the happy bike riders still pop up on my head. I really enjoyed volunteering at the bike-a-thon of 2016. I hope that there will be even more kids having fun like I did in the future bike-a-thon of 2017, 2018, and more years as they pass. Thank you to all of the wonderful parents/volunteers of Little Masters Club and SeaRiders, and the awesome kids who rode in the bike-a-thon!



早上7:30,"为什么我要在星期六的早晨起这么早?" 我在去Marymoor Park 的路上想着。走在冷硬混凝土的停车场上,一阵阵冷风吹着我的脸颊。停车场上还没有骑自行车的孩子们,但我知道,他们很快就会到达了。我是负责签到的志愿者,虽然也有其他人帮助签到,但我知道这项任务并没有想象中的那样简单。去年,我在自行车拉力赛上骑了十五英里。直到现在,我还记得签到处的拥挤和嘈杂的情形。


突然,我从眼角的余光里我看到了一个骑着带辅助轮的小小自行车的小男孩。他们回来了 !我们每个志愿者都争先恐后地从座位上起来,抓起我们准备好的奖牌,跑到"终点线",等着给小朋友们加油和庆祝。我也拿了几个奖牌跟上其他人往终点跑。很快,不同年龄段的孩子们陆陆续续骑到了终点线。我递出闪闪发光的奖牌,看到每个孩子的脸变得容光焕发。尽管天气依然寒冷,我却突然感到一股发自心底的暖流。虽然一开始我不太理解为什么来,但是现在我感觉,如果没有来的话我会很遗憾的。有些孩子一开始还骑不好,但是回来时已经骑得飞快。即使是现在,当我坐在这里打字,那些快乐的孩子依然浮现在我的脑海里。感谢小大师俱乐部和西骑队组织了这次活动,我希望将来有更多的孩子们参加以后的自行车马拉松活动。


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