2016-A Chinese Adventure Game Design Contest



Kids and Grown-ups, all Game-lovers,

We are pleased to announce a game design contest for kids and adults of all ages and levels. The winning designs will be featured in the Chinese language learning game show co-hosted by Little Master’s Club and Northwest Chinese School in March 2016. Gamers will vote for the best game design and the design team will win award.

Enrollment in the design contest starts from Jan. 10 and ends on Feb. 10th. All proposals have to be submitted to [email protected] before Feb. 10th to be considered valid. Here is your chance to shine as a great game designer and see your design in action.

We have a game template to the theme of the classic Chinese story “Journey to the West.” A total of 9 live games will be featured. The winning 9 proposals will receive $20 investment from Little Master’s Club to produce their game board and props. And the team will receive further instructions to incorporate the following story to their respective designs:
六耳灵猴 (真假美猴王)

Your design will be using the following tools:
-presentation board
-Recording apps or live performance
-Interactive activity
-Any other materials you feel will add to the game experience

The game has to be implemented in a classroom setting; and can accept continuous gamer flow. Gamers will come in groups of 4 as a team and each team can have 5-10 minutes to finish the game. You need to set a time limit and design your game accordingly. There has to be easy, medium and hard levels to the game as gamers will have different levels of Chinese proficiency.

Productions have to be completed by March 4th to be put into action at the Chinese language learning game. All participants will vote for their favorite 2 games, and the games with the most votes will win the final award.

We will hold consultation and discussion sessions regularly at Newport High School classroom 2105 every Saturday 12:00-2:00 PM. A professional art consultant will also be available to give advice to the presentation board design.

All the Chinese characters involved in the games will be provided shortly.

Get your friends and talents together. Let’s do this!


To submit, send email to: [email protected]

Proposal Due Date: 2/10/2016

Discussion sessions: every Saturday 12:00-2:00 PM, @ Newport High School, Classroom 2105



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