How To Make Soap

By Jerry Li (9yrs) & Janelle Li (10 yrs), Edited by David Wang(14 yrs)

By Jerry Li (9yrs)

The following is how to make soap. Making soap is surprisingly fun and deceptively simple. If you want to make soap, simply follow the instructions below and Voila!

We'll start out with a block of soap base, a mold, and a bowl. It doesn't matter the color or opaqueness of your soap, choose whatever tickles your fancy! Start by putting the soap base in the bowl, and putting that in a microwave. Turn the microwave on for 30 seconds, or until the block melts. After that, color the melted blob of soap with whatever food coloring you like! If you want scented soap, use an eyedropper to drop in a few drops fragrance, or else the soap might harden or the scent will be too strong. Remember to stir the melted blob before pouring it into the mold! At last, dump your soap into the mold and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Then, take out the hardened soap and you are done.


For layered soap, don't dump too much soap base of one color, because you will be putting more in later. Do what you need for a single color soap for the rest of the colors or layers you want. Remember, wait until the top of the previous color of soap dries, or else the colors will mix, and you'll have one ugly color.

After you do all the layers, go outside and dry your soap. If one layer is ready, that doesn't mean your whole soap is ready, so if the whole thing is starting to come off, then it's good to go. If there is any liquid still remaining, you need to put it back in. If the soap already is hard with the liquid, you can't fix the spot, so even if one layer is ready, wait 5-10 minutes.

If you make a mistake, don't freak out. You can either let the mistake pass, or redo your soap. I strongly recommend to let the mistake pass, for the shape doesn't matter for soap, and how you use the soap matters. Mistakes can harm your soap's shape, but that doesn't matter.

Soap making requires a lot of patience and care. You will also find it is a very rewarding process to make handcrafted art.


By Janelle (10 yrs)

Making soap can be hard and frustrating, but the fun and beauty of the soap making process makes it all worth it.

When I first started making soap, all the directions that my instructor gave just didn’t make any sense. I kept on asking her what to do, over, and over, and over. But after a while, I seemed to get it and everything was just seemed to flow. I became so experienced with making soap that at the end, I could make 3 soaps at once!

Thanks to Little Masters Club and the wonderful art teacher who let us use her classroom for our soap making project with several other kids, we got this amazing event. I really look forward to the next time we get this fun activity!