A Microsoft Giving Campaign Event Designated For Little Masters Club

By David Wang (14yrs) and Sam Gan (10yrs)

By David Wang (14yrs)

On Friday the 23rd, a Microsoft team designated Little Masters Club (LMC ) to be one of the two organization recipients at their Giving Campaign event.

The team had set up a mini golf course inside one of Microsoft buildings, and invited employees to play. They recommended that players donated at least 5 dollars to play the game. All the players did, and almost all of them donated more. LMC had sent some of their members, all young children, to inform participants about the organization.


Everyone there had a lot of fun, from the employees playing golf, to the cute little kids running about distributing LMC flyers, and telling everyone about LMC. Food and drinks were provided by the host, and it was overall a very fun experience.

We'd like to give our sincerest of thanks to the hosting team and a very kind employee of Microsoft, who will not be named for privacy reasons. He heard some of our members explaining what LMC is during one of the GEST fund raising events a couple of weeks ago, and proposed that LMC as an organization to be part of his team's Giving event. We are truly thankful that such wonderful people exist in this community. None of this would've been possible without his act of kindness.


By Sam Gan (10 yrs)

I was well prepared with the Powerpoint slides of Little Masters Club to answer lots of questions. But I was surprised that Microsoft prepared mini golf games and lots of delicious food. The lady who hosted the event let me help her on recording the players' names. The people who came to play donated money, and that of course includes me! I loved the mini golf games and my best score was 11. And don't forget the food! Yummy!

Although, it’s not as what I expected, we did get a good amount of money, which is great! Thanks the people at Microsoft organized the fun event for fundraising. People helped the kids and also had fun themselves.

I just thought it would be helpful if the space is bigger. Then more people came, we will help more children, so maybe a giant balloon says “ Help kids! Fundraising at Microsoft building 3, Please come!” or something alike would help.

The fundraising was a great success and fun event. Loads of thanks to the organizer.