My First Teaching Experience

By Jessica Ruan (12yrs)

My first time teaching other people to make soap was definitely not perfect. We had forgotten all the molds but one, and had to make another run back home. But we all had a lot of fun!


This was a good experience for the students and me, because we all learned something. I learned that you always have to stay positive and not freak out, no matter what circumstance. I remember when I was still learning, I had never thought that I would ever teach a whole class. I was a little too shy to face a whole group. During this year I attended a few soap making classes, and even became an assistant. Along these years, I learned to overcome my stage freight, and I was finally able to teach on my own.

These activities have helped me become a better person, and I hope that the Little Masters Club will spend more time on these fun learning activities for everyone to improve.