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GEST giving campaign

By Amy Zhang,四年级

Oct 12, 2015

What I did was asking for donations from people at the Microsoft cafeteria. So I think that it is a lot of fun, especially if you are making money. What I liked most about this fundraising was that I was doing it to help kids at my age live a life they deserve.

The most awesome part of the fundraising to me was: I would say: “hi, my name is Amy!” and people would keep on walking, but say hi back. Then, I would say: “ I’m part of GEST, the Gansu Education Support Team. And they would stop all of a sudden and turn around to listen. At this time, it would be better to add: “we are trying to help poor kids in China…” and it might be best to leave out: “we are trying to raise six thousand dollars.” That makes people think that they are supposed to give you a lot to help you achieve your goal. And if they think that you are asking for a lot of money from them, the chances are, they don’t donate.

Always make sure to have a HUGE stack of brochures next to you, since we had to make several trips for more brochures. Try to talk loudly, because if you don’t, people won’t listen. Make sure to always have a donation jar at ready. Office workers don’t like to wait for you to get your supplies. You should always be prepared.

I have a few tips for future fundraisers. If you are the one asking for money, headphones are bad! Every time we asked a person with headphones on to donate, we either got: “ Sorry, I’m in a meeting”, or “ Yeah, sorry I’m not interested.” Another tip is: If you’re cute, they pay more. We had a seven year old on our team, and she got twenty dollars in the first five minutes!

So if you’re joining our team, we would greatly appreciate it. We are on a quest to help poorer kids, and we’re not stopping now!





筹款活动中最棒的部分是:我会说:“嗨,我的名字叫艾米!”,人们会继续往前走,但是也会和我打个招呼。然后,我会说:“我是甘肃教育支持团队的一部分“。这时候他们往往会停下来,转过身听我讲话。 于是我会接着补充说:“我们正在努力帮助中国可怜的孩子......”,而不要说“我们正在努力争取筹集六千块钱”。这句话会使得别人认为他们应该给你很多钱来帮助你达到你的目标。如果他们觉得他们得给你很多钱,很可能他们就不捐了。

始终确保有一大堆的小册子在你旁边,因为我们不得不花时间打印好几趟更多的小册子。 尽量大声说话,因为如果不这样做,人们不会耐心听下去。确保始终有一个捐款罐子的准备。上班族不喜欢花费时间等待你去找罐子,你应该时刻做好准备。