Issaquah & Sammamish 初升高座谈会

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为了帮助初中生快速适应高中生活,小大师聚乐部组织了初升高座谈会系列,邀请在校高中生以座谈会的形式与初中生分享他们的经验和感受。本次座谈会由Issaquah high school, Skyline high school, Eastlake high school and LWSD STEM high school 的几位高中生为高年级的初中生提供相应高中的课程、俱乐部、运动队等信息咨询。

Time: 10:30am-12pm, March 1st, Sunday
Place: 15253 Northeast 40th Street, Redmond, WA 98052
Highschool students:

Issaquah High: Angela Shi

Skyline High: Kevin Cai, 王安润,Michael Xu

Eastlake High: Joesphan Lu

STEM: Amy Zhang


1) What is the best and least part of school?

2) What is the big difference between middle school and high school? What is your advice to freshmen to succeed in school?

3) What are the sports selections? Which one has a hard cut off? Which one is pretty easy to get in?

4) Which clubs are most popular in school? Which club bring lots of honor to school? How to join (open or qualified)

5) Are there lot of peer pressure ? What are the working ways to handle it?

6) How do you balance your after school activity and homework load?

7) Can you take Chinese at NWCS as substitute for the required foreign language credits? What about STAMP test?

8) what does a typical daily life look like?

9) for Skyline, how is the business program? What makes it so strong?

10) for STEM, how is it on the literature and art side? I heard that STEM is very competitive and that it is for QUEST kids, what do you think?