2023 AWS Education Camp – Exploring Exoplanets with Python

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In the Exploring Exoplanets with Python, attendees assume the role of a Junior Researcher studying exobiology. They have the opportunity to interact with data sets focused on three key aspects of planetary habitability: temperature, crustal composition, and atmospheric pressure. Learners will explore these sets via Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks to run and edit sample code written in Python. Hands-on simulations and lab experiences help students connect their learning with real-world applications to show how programming, statistics, and data presentation can help automate tasks in data science, while allowing unique insights into large data sets.


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小大师聚乐部 2023-01-28 2023年1月28日癸卯兔年正月初七下午,微软亚洲春晚游园会在Seattle McCaw Hall热火朝天地举行,小大师也受邀在游园会上主办了十项新春游园活动。作为疫情三年以来的首次大西雅图地区大型新春活动,McCaw Hall游园会大厅从中午12点开始就人声鼎沸,小大师的每个活动展台前也围满了喜庆热闹的人群,欢声笑语不断。 就让我们一起来看看热闹非凡的活动现场吧 1. 财神到 2. 兔子灯 3. 写福字 4. 手工小龙  5. 敲锣投壶 6. 花式气球 7. 生肖活字印刷 8. 虎头照相 9. 中国历史游戏 10. 机器人展示 小大师义工们精心准备的游园活动受到大家的热烈欢迎,每个完成游戏的大人和小朋友都欢天喜地,满场洋溢着过节的喜庆。 一场活动的顺利举行,离不开台前幕后很多工作人员和义工的辛勤筹备和无私奉献。 感谢微软华协、西雅图华协邀请;感谢我们所有义工的努力!            也感谢大家的鼓励与肯定,这也是小大师义工们继续前行的动力!

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