Seminars (讲座系列)


To provide opportunities for parents and kids to learn various topics and skills through series of seminar and invited talks.

Mission Statement

The parents and kids have wide range of interest from learning different culture, improving communication skills, college planning, to how to smoothly transition from elementary school to middle school, high school and college, etc. We invite experienced professionals, students and parents to give talks and seminars and provide a learning opportunity for our members.

Project Outline

We explore all possibilities to bring insightful thoughts and stories of success to our community. Talks and seminars will be held whenever there are opportunities. The considered topics include but are not limited to:

Special Column/大师专栏

Related Activities


我们请来有超过10年色彩教学经验的陈老师为大家讲解pccs色彩体系的构成原理,以及在日常服装搭配中的应用方法。 Read More


2018新年伊始,小大师和EmP再度携手,共同举办Bellevue 学区和Lake Washington 学区小升初和初升高座谈会。 Read More

卓越父母 – 终结拖延症

针对大家普遍关心的问题,聂老师为小大师再开专题公益讲座,讲解拖延症背后的深层原因和应对方式。现场有答疑机会,大家一定不要错过! 时间:10月29号,周日 10:00 ~ 11:30 地点:移民之家, 355 118th AVE SE, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005 Read More

World History and Chinese History
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"Learning history can make people wiser." says Alexander Chen, a 9th grader in Bellevue High School, during his presentation "World History and Chinese History" in Bellevue Library, on June 24. Read More

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卓越父母公益课:五种类型的父母 时间:07/01/2017,周六 10:30 ~ 12:00PM 地点:小大师活动室, 13547 SE 27th PL, Suite 3D1, Bellevue, WA 98005 Read More