金郡政府每年在其辖下数个城市安排一次为期半天的“维修日”,邀请会修理小家电、电子设备、会做小木工,会缝补等居家技能的志愿者为当地市民提供一次免费维修活动。小大师自2019年起以组织名义参与其中,邀请具备如上技能的初高中生和父母一起加入金郡政府的志愿维修工队伍,参与Bellevue、Kirkland、Carnation、North Bend、Seattle、Sammamish、Issaquah和Shoreline等城市的数场维修活动,得到金郡政府主管部门和当地市民的广泛好评,并受邀邀请更多来自小大师的大小达人参加2020年的维修日活动。每场维修活动均可由小大师初高中生和爸爸妈妈搭配合作,现场也会有资深维修工提供必要指导。

Each year, King County offers a series of half-day repair events throughout its region. At these free community repair events, skilled repair people, or “fixers”, repair or mend items such as lamps, vacuums, fans, chairs, tables, tools, computers, music players, TVs, blenders, toasters, toys, pants, dresses, bags, and much more for local residents. Middle/high schoolers and their parents from LMC families participated this “Fixer” project since 2019 and served in repair events taken place in Bellevue, Kirkland, Carnation, North Bend, Seattle, Sammamish, and Shoreline. Their service was highly complimented by both King County organizer and local residents.

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