Bike-A-thon 小大师自行车赛

BikeAThon is the first outdoor sports activity and the only fundraising event of LMC. Since 2015, to promote public cycling and develop strong characters and fitness for the youth, LMC with SeaRiders organized kids from 3 – 18 years old to ride along Sammamish River Trail every fall in the company of family and friends. Every year, we have approximately 150 kids sign up to ride, about 30 lead riders and almost 100 volunteers. We have high school kids serve as leads each year, in charge of recruiting, managing and training of all the volunteers.

Event Details:

Riders are grouped based on age and experience, start from Marymoor Park along the scenic Sammamish River Trail. SeaRiders provides experienced adult and youth riders as leads as long as safety training before the event.

Time and Location:

Every fall (September or October), a Sunday 9AM – 2PM @Marymoor Park

Participants requirements:

3+ in three different biking distance groups based upon their age and biking capability.

Contact: [email protected]

Report on past events:

自行车赛是小大师第一个户外运动项目,也是小大师每年唯一的筹款活动!从2015年开始,为了推广大众自行车运动,培养少年儿童坚毅的品格和锻炼强壮的体魄,小大师聚乐部携手西雅图华人自行车运动队“西骑队”,带着孩子们在金秋时节,和小伙伴和家人一起,在骑行中领略大自然的美丽,体会运动带来的快乐!自行车赛每年有大概150名年龄从3 – 18岁 的孩子参加,领骑几十名,义工近一百名。每年的活动总指挥由高中生担当,负责活动当天义工的组织调度和培训。


参赛孩子会根据年龄和骑行经验分组或家长陪骑,从Marymoor Park出发沿风景优美的Sammamish River Trail骑行。西骑队每年为我们提供有经验的大人和孩子领骑,并在活动之前进行骑行安全的培训!


每年九月底或十月初的周日 9AM – 2PM, at Marymoor Park




[email protected]


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