Little Masters Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to provide an encouraging environment for kids to be learners, mentors, team players, and leaders. We promote “learning by doing” through a multitude of fun projects. Our goal is to connect children to their community, invoke their compassion and motivation, develop their skills through our projects, and give them an opportunity to shine.

We know children learn better when they’re interested in the subject, with their friends, and have confidence and support. Little Masters Club designs projects to be heavily team based, with as little adult intervention as possible. The community will always be there for a helping hand, but kids are encouraged to lead projects, teach peers, work together, and mentor children younger than them as much as they can. We provide a safe and fun environment to try, fail, try again, fail harder, and finally succeed! There is no better motivator than hard earned success.

Our vision is to see children discover their potential and develop the skills necessary to be successful adults. A strong community and meaningful support are fundamental building blocks of happiness. We strive to create just that for our kids to flourish in and become well-rounded individuals.

Your support is greatly appreciated, be it volunteerism or monetary donation (tax exempt)! Get involved now!


  • Magnetic Introduction
  • 2018小大师自行车拉力赛报名开始
    小大师一年一度的自行车拉力赛报名正式开始!今年我们把5迈路线移到封闭的环形骑道,让小朋友们可以有更安全的骑行体验! … Read More
  • 首期可持续生活工作坊 – 家庭菜园的设计
    朴门永续导师朱亚文在继两期朴门永续理念介绍讲座之后,推出家庭菜园设计系列讲座,将理论应用于我们日常生活中,带领大家迈出可持续生活的第一步! 每周四 10:00-2:00 Day1 0510 懒人菜园设计 Day2 0517 懒人菜园实操 Day3 0524 种植和维护周 地点,Bellevue 某个学员家中,请在报名时告知你有兴趣和场地。如果申请场地的人数多,老师经过审核后告知大家。 人数和收费 小班上课,10-12 人/期 $120/人/三次课程
  • 2018山西支教筹款系列:《芭蕾艺术体操世界》 第二讲 柔韧训练
    时间: 5/12, Saturday, 11:00am-1:00pm 讲座对象: 5-10岁业余学习芭蕾,艺术体操的女孩和母亲 讲座地点:小大师办公室 (2439 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052) 建议捐款:$30+


GEST – 慈善大家庭

收到付老师做的视频有好几天了,一直希望能借这个机会,感谢所有曾经帮助这个慈善大家庭成长的人。 Read More


我执掌Robosaurus 的教鞭以来,边学边教,同孩子们一起成长。我们华州人才济济,藏龙卧虎,能出任教练的人是数不胜数。小大师又提供一个良好的启动和交流平台。希望更多的家长和孩子能参与FLL的比赛。 Read More